Wednesday, April 13, 2011


CITY CURFEW ORDINANCE IMPLEMENTATION TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED…The implementation of the Roxas City Curfew Ordinance have been “temporarily suspended “ by Mayor Angel Alan Celino, effective immediately.

The purpose of the “indefinite suspension” of the Curfew Ordinance according to City Legal Officer Joseph Ador Ramos,  is for him to “analyze, conduct a study and find out whether the basic rights of a minor is being protected by the ordinance,”  and its provisions  “ will not contradict pertinent laws promulgated by the Congress, specifically the RA 9344. ”

Atty. Ramos said that Mayor Celino instructed him to prepare an executive order and formulate the implementing rules and guidelines of the  curfew ordinance  so that its implementation “ will be clear and in order.”

He also reiterated that the office of the City Mayor is not “re-evaluating” the Curfew Ordinance since  it was duly approved by the Sangguniang Panlungsod being the local legislative body  of the city.

Atty. Ramos presumes  that the passage and approval of the  Curfew Ordinance  was “based on law and  a comprehensive study was done ” by the Sanggunian Panlungsod, noting that its members are “competent and capable” and the "welfare of the minors will always be at the back of their minds."

The Presiding Officer of the City Council is VM Ronnie Dadivas, a lawyer while the main author of the curfew Ordinance, Coun. Powell del Rosario recently passed the 2010 Bar Exams.

Another member of the SP Roxas is Atty. Julius Abela, a former City Fiscal and a Trial Court Judge.

Since the City Mayor’s office, the PNP and the Brgy. Officials will implement the Curfew Ordinance, it is just proper according to Atty. Ramos that Mayor Celino will have to ensure that the implementation is “regular “ and “ lawful.”

Ramos assured the public that the move of Mayor Celino “ is not to create a conflict with the legislative branch of the city government“ but  to “reconcile everything” for the effective implementation of the said ordinance.

The Roxas City Curfew Ordinance toke effect on April 5, 2011. It prohibit minors, 18 years old and younger from loitering or stay in the streets and in public places within the city from 10pm until 4am, the next morning.

Corresponding penalties with imprisonment is meted out to the parent or guardian of a minor apprehended violating the curfew ordinance,  implemented by the CSWD, PNP and the barangay officials.

BK News contacted  Coun. Del Rosario for his comments and reaction with regards to the “temporary suspension” of the Curfew Ordinance but as of press time, he was not able to gave his side.

Coun. Julius Abela meantime said, he is not aware of any "suspension order" handed down by Mayor Celino on the implementation of the Curfew Ordinance.

Meanwhile in a text message sent to BK News, Former City Administrator Rey Cordenillo said that during the time of Mayor Vicente Bermejo, the previous Curfew Ordinance(0492-2009) authored by Atty. Albert Potato was repealed for “being contrary to national law” and was declared “unconstitutional” by the Sanggunian Panlalawigan.

* * *  

COUN. NONOY SICAD WANTS A SAFER BAYBAY BEACH...A day after Coun. Erwin Sicad delivered his privilege speech concerning the series of drowning incidents in Brgy Baybay,  a 21 year old woman  was rescued after she drowned while swimming with her friends off  Baybay Beach on Wednesday. 

The victim,"Mimi" was with her boyfriend and 3 female friends enjoying the cold waters of  the beach when  suddenly, big waves engulfed them.

Her "swimming buddies" were able to swam towards the shallow part of the beach but  unfortunately, the victim was pulled-away  by the ocean current and swallowed by the cold water.

After hearing the scream of the  victim's companion, concerned citizens in the area immediately responded     and the woman was successfully pulled off  from the waters and rushed to the RMPH.

The victim is now safe but still admitted in the hospital for further medication.

Prior to Wednesday's incident, 2 children drowned off Baybay Beach last week, 1 died the other brought to hospital and later recovered.

The 9-year old victim, a pupil from Plaridel Elem School died despite numerous attempts by his relatives, Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) personnel and Brgy CVOs  to rescue him failed.

Worried by the numerous drowning incidents, Coun. Sicad is appealing to resort operators in Brgy. Baybay to take immediate action  and make Baybay Beach a more safer place for beach-goers.

Sicad added that "it's the obligation of resort operators to be an active participant in keeping the Baybay Beach safe for its costumers because their business depend on them."

Resort owners in Baybay Beach were encouraged by Sicad to organize a team of Lifeguards to handle emergency situations such as drowning.

Sicad urges resort owners to send their representatives in the forthcoming seminar  for Basic Life Saving Techniques and Search and Water Rescue  to be conducted by the Philippine Coast Guard Regional Office since most victims of drowning incidents are their patrons.

To soften the negative image of Baybay Beach brought by series of drowning incidents,  there are suggestions that the city government should form and finance a “well-trained and well-equipped” team of lifeguards to watch over beach-goers.

Well-trained and versatile Beach Lifeguard’s primary job is to promote and maintain a safe beach through presence and direct action.

Lifeguards also execute proactive and reactive situational responses, perform ocean rescues, provide first aid and CPR,  help locate and reunite missing or lost children to their families and maintain a degree of order in the beach.

According to the PCG, at least four people have already died from drowning  off  Baybay Beach, specifically in the area fronting  People’s Park all the way to Barbasa Resort , since January of this  year.

PCG Commander Dela Pena emphasized that they can only respond to drowning emergencies  in the Baybay beach area once they are immediately informed of the incident , since they are stationed at the Culasi Port.

Coast Guard personnel and CVO members of Brgy. Baybay are also concerned over the frequent occurrence of  rip currents off the beach.

These currents are formed by a low point on the beach bottom which in turn causes a rapid outward flow of water.

This occurs when variable wave conditions create unevenness in the ocean bottom. Rip currents may pull continuously or suddenly appear after set of waves.

Typically, a victim will not realize he or she is near a rip currents until he or she is in a predicament and panics.

Through the years, Baybay Beach has been the premier destination for family gatherings, peer outings and picnics, not only of the city residents but as well as of people in the nearby municipalities and other provinces in Panay Island.

* * *

TIDBITS...It will be a special non-working holiday in Roxas City and the entire province of Capiz on Friday, April 15, in commemoration of the death anniversary of former Pres. Manuel A. Roxas as declared under RA 9217.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has extended the deadline of filing of Income Tax Returns (ITR) in Capiz to April 18, Monday following the declaration of a non-working holiday in Capiz on April 15.

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